5th Edition of the Ethnocultural Diversity Award

Bourse d'honneur Juno Technologies

Juno Technologies Wins 2022 Honorary Award!

In order to complete the traditional financing offer and to stimulate entrepreneurship in Quebec, the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation has collaborated with Entreprendre ici to offer this year 24 Honorary Scholarships worth $25,000 each.

These scholarships are intended for ethnocultural entrepreneurs of immigrant origin, who have an entrepreneurial project that aims at economic development and innovation, in all regions of Quebec.

In addition, the finalists and winners of the honorary scholarship competition benefit from one year of free individual or group mentoring offered by the Mentoring Network.

Congratulations to Juno Technologies, winner of the 2022 Honorary Award. Juno Technologies is developing a discreet, wearable medical device to relieve menstrual pain.

Congratulations also to the winners of this edition:

  • Iso-Protek
  • Permalution
  • Bayard Cakes
  • Casabé
  • Code H™
  • Rouli Roulant
  • BROWN Diva DOLLS inc
  • The flowers of malt
  • IMPAKT Scientifik Inc.
  • Eventboo
  • ChampiNord
  • Dassa
  • Ecoist Club
  • Distinction Lingerie
  • Blue couch
  • Innolou
  • HERITT Lawyers | Attorneys Montreal
  • LabStellar
  • Relax wire
  • HILO Smart Mirror
  • Omy Laboratories
  • C3pH

Congratulations also to the 5 favorites of the jury:

  • Vi2vals Immigration inc.
  • AliceÔchoux
  • Biotelab
  • Performance Strategy Inc.
  • Arrivie Inc.

The Quebec ecosystem is rich and has a particularity: the collaboration that allows entrepreneurs to flourish in a system that supports them. A big thank you to the partners for the award ceremony.

  • Evol
  • Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal
  • Mentoring Network
  • City of Montreal
  • Quebec School of Entrepreneurship