In this first season of Junotalks, 

We share with you powerful testimonies of woman dealing with various intricacies of their cycle. 

From endometriosis to contraception, they share their journey navigating tremendous challenges.



Discover their Journey

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Unveiling Endometriosis

Meet Daphné, a resilient advocate sharing her journey through endometriosis, a condition affecting 190 million women globally. 

In this powerful video, she discusses the challenges of cysts and a life-changing operation, revealing the profound impact on her well-being.

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Unseen Burden

Meet Laura, sharing her journey through the highs and lows of the contraceptive pill, including an unexpected battle with depression. 

Her story is a testament to the silent struggles of menstrual pain, navigating escalating symptoms until it became too much to bear.

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The Paralyzing Truth

Meet Berenice, a courageous storyteller revealing the overwhelming impact of endometriosis on her daily life.

In this video, she shares the paralyzing pain that reshaped her journey, breaking the silence on late diagnoses and misconceptions surrounding menstrual pain.

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The Athlete's Journey

Meet Youstina, a dedicated athlete shedding light on the unique challenges faced by athletic women battling menstrual pain.

In her story, she recounts the ongoing struggle of enduring painful periods, even with medication.

Mindful Cycles

Meet Nina, a determined voice addressing the emotional toll of menstrual pain on her mental well-being.

In her video, Nina advocates for awareness and a compassionate society while sharing her pursuit of non-medication solutions and highlighting the limitations of current remedies.

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Beyond the Pill

Meet Arwa, our featured advocate, as she unveils her journey battling dissatisfaction with conventional remedies for menstrual pain.

In this video, experience Arwa’s life and the effects of medication as she expresses her wish for a magical remedy during those challenging days.