Juno Technologies joins Desjardins Startup en Résidence

Juno Technologies Startup in Residence

ESG Startups selection: Discover our Rising Stars!

The impact entrepreneurship ecosystem is in good hands with the startups we have meticulously selected to join our program. These visionaries are ready to rock the ESG world with their bold solutions.

RegenEAU : A solution that recovers heat from domestic wastewater.

Permalution : A technology tackling the problem of access to water by capturing fog.

Circulus Agtech : A startup that revalorizes organic waste into precision fertilizer.

Juno Technologies : A company redefining menstruation (literally) with its menstrual pain-relieving device.

With $15,000 in your pocket, 8 months of personalized support from our expertsWith the support of our team, these startups are ready to lead the way in responsible entrepreneurship. 👏 Congratulations to founders Nanette Sene, Lynn Doughane, David Pineault, Michaël Pelletier, David Leroux, Olivier Corbeiland Tatiana Estevez Carlucci for their vision and dedication! A huge thank you to all participants of this call for applications! It was a tough selection, but we appreciate every contribution. Stay connected to follow the progress of our startups!